My fam damily

My fam damily

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pregnancy update... 15 weeks :)

Nausea is finally gone!  Yes!!  I can finally cook again without wanting to barf from the smell yay!!  It feels so good to be able to eat and have an appetite again :)  But now I get full a lot quicker, and hungry more often lol.  So I eat a lot of small meals and snacks.  And I drink LOTS of water! 

13 weeks preggers in this pic :)  Startin to show a little bit more here!

So I'm a little behind on the blog.  I'm actually 15 weeks pregnant right now!  I will make sure and post my 4 month belly pic after I take it, probably next week.  My belly has grown quite a bit since the 3 month pic, or at least I think so lol.  My next doc appointment is on Feb 29th, I'll be 16 weeks by then :)  I don't think we will be doing an ultrasound at my next appointment.  Hopefully the appointment next month will be when we finally get to find out if we're having a him or a her!!

Ultrasound pic from our first Dr appt!  11 weeks in this pic ♥
Our first doctor's appointment went good.  The first one is always the longest because of all the questions they have to ask and all the tests that have to be done.  My doctor is really nice and funny too, I like him.  The best part is we finally got to see our baby!!  We were so excited!  Bo said he about cried when he saw it because he was so happy :)  Baby looked good and healthy, it's so exciting seeing him/her for the first time! 

11 weeks
We received the fetal doppler and it is awesome!!  The first time we tried to listen I was only 10 weeks and it was pretty hard to find, Bo thinks all we found was my heart beat that time lol.  So I waited a few weeks so the baby could get a little bigger, and we tried again last week and found the heart beat real easy!  Beats averaged 135 per minute... which I've heard that you can find out the gender by the heartbeat.  And from what I've looked up, we would be having a boy :)  So I guess sometime next month we will see if that is right or now!

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