My fam damily

My fam damily

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Home Sweet Home~

We moved in a little over a month ago!  We loooooove it!!  And best part, it's ours!!  No more renting yay!!!!  It's a lot more space than we are used to, but we're already filling it up lol.  I'm having such a hard time deciding how I want to decorate everything!  Stairway?  Garage organization?  Entryway?  Fireplace mantel?  That is all new to me!  I'm just glad the walls didn't come white, they are all painted in a nice neutral blues and greens and I love it!  

How do you have a fun and attractive rec room while also having exercise equipment in there?  I was thinking of making a screen to kind of separate it from the rest of the big area, what do you think?  
 The only thing this house is missing is a fence!  We'll take care of that next summer for sure!  But luckily, the garage has a big kennel off of it so the dogs still have their own area :)
 This is the master bath and our BIG closet!  The bedroom is really spacious, I thought our bed was huge but it looks so small in the bedroom now lol!!
 This is the other view of the big rec room in the basement.  The first door on the left is the laundry room, 2nd is bathroom and other two straight ahead are the kids' bedrooms.  Then to the right we currently have our turtle tank and the bar!
 I LOVE this fireplace area!  Too bad the basement was supposed to be the man cave, this area just deserves to be decorated all pretty!!  Right now it is completely bare except a scentsy warmer and a mirror above the fireplace with football teams on it lol.  I'm working on this area very soon!!
 Our entryway, I love the wood flooring in this area, so pretty!  I want to do the rest of the house in it one day!!
 This is the garage.  It is cram packed at the moment and I am overwhelmed with it, I don't know what to do with it all!  I work on it here and there, but I really need to just dedicate one full day and get it done before it drives me crazy!!
 Little concrete area off the garage in the back yard.  I think it would be a great place to put a hot tub!
 My husband is pretty excited to have a garage finally!  Now he can work on his race car and snowmobiles and whatever else his little heart desires all winter long!
 I love that the house comes with a few chalk boards on the cabinets and wall, so fun!  I was thinking of doing stone underneath the island, I think it would look good and also protect it from scuffs from little feet kicking under there!
 This basement room is seriously big.  Right now we have our big TV mounted onto the wall in between the windows, the workout equipment is on the left of that and then also on the left is our bar area.  Lots of things to put into one space, good thing it's big!  I was hoping to have a space for crafting but the dining table will just have to be that designated area and then I'll just have to store the craft supplies in the guest room which is also our "office" which means we just have a desk in there lol.

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