My fam damily

My fam damily

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Living room

Not the most clear photo, I know and I do apologize.  It was taken with my phone and I am no professional photographer ;)
But, just wanted to show how the house is coming along!  I will take better pics when it is more of a finished product.  We got new couches, all the seats recline!  I may get a new rug but for now it works :)
Right now I have a toy box with all of Eli's toys in between the two couches, since reclining couches need more room and can't be up against the wall, I was left with a lot of space in the corner between the two lol.  I am not liking how it is working out though, because Eli unplugs the couch when he goes into the corner so I think once I take down the cobwebs that are currently covering the shelf and frames on the wall, I will move the shelf over so that it blocks that little area.  Any ideas?

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