My fam damily

My fam damily

Friday, October 25, 2013

Skulls Bar DIY

I have this old bar that we actually found in a house we rented, it had been left behind because I guess the guy moved out in a hurry and left all the big heavy things in the basement.  It is clearly hand made, it did have a faux marble top and a big fluffy arm rest along the front.  I removed that.  I found the skulls wallpaper on amazon, you can find it here:  You're welcome :)

It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.  I had never done anything using wallpaper before and wasn't sure what to expect!  I still need to do something with the top of it, not sure if I just want to paint the top black or use more of the wallpaper or find a giant skull or cool saying for the top? Please, pay no attention to the clutter on top, it's all the stuff from the shelves inside, because I wall papered the shelves too.  And yes, I know the rug doesn't match lol.  Pay no attention to that as well haha.  

So what do you think?

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