My fam damily

My fam damily

Sunday, July 1, 2012

--- 8 Months ---

 8 Months!!  Almost there! 
Dealing with the heat is tough!  My other 2 kids were born in the winter so I was still small in the summer with them, I had no idea what to expect this time around!  My feet like to swell up thanks to the hot days we have been having, that's something I never experienced with my other 2!  I have a lot of heartburn, and I have to take it easy or else I get aches in my back and hips.  But every kick and push and hiccup I feel makes it all worth it!!  And boy is he strong, and active! 
Now that I look back, it has gone by so fast!  It's crazy to think in less than 6 weeks I will be holding my sweet baby boy in my arms!  I can't wait :)

 My sister and I painted Eli's room!  It is gray and light blue, I love it!  I didn't want an overly cutesy room for him, so I looked for lots of rock & roll and skulls without it being too scary for a baby lol.  It's coming together nicely!  I'll post a pic of it when it's all finished but I think it's good progress so far :)  I found the "Born to Rock" sticker on ebay, from the seller TheStickerHut. 

 His new bedding!!  It was custom made by Sweet Dreams Bedding on, here is the link to check out her work:  I highly recommend her!  The bedding is excellent quality and she is so creative!

I found these shirts here:  When I saw them I just had to get them for the baby shower!  They're awesome!  And hilarious!!

 Bo and I with Eli's godparents!!

Delina had a cake and cake pops made for the baby showers!  I love em, and they were sooooo good!  We had a football themed shower, so there was a lot of NY Giants decorations (our fave team!) and a lot of yummy super bowl food :D