My fam damily

My fam damily

Friday, December 19, 2014

T.P. Roll reindeer

A simple craft, perfect for toddlers! It took a little bit to convince my son to let me trace his hand (He turned 2 a couple months ago) but he eventually came around and let me trace ONE hand. And it looks like he is making the sign Spock makes on Star Trek lol but I just used that to make both antlers.

 For this craft you need:

Glue or glue stick
Brown construction paper
Toilet paper roll
Red Pom Pom ball 
Black marker to color the eyes
White construction paper for eyes

Trace your kiddo's hands. If they are difficult you can just do what I did and get one hand and then use that one for both. 

Draw ovals for the eyes and cut out, draw the pupil in black how ever you want, silly Googly eyes or add color if you'd like, it's all up to you :)

Last, glue on the eyes, Pom and hands. Easy!