My fam damily

My fam damily

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ventriloquist doll costume

I thought this was a fun idea and it was creepy without all the gore. 

My hair was a lot more ratted out and wild in the beginning of the evening but flattened down a bit by the time I got home and took this pic. Still, overall I am really pleased with how it turned out :) 

The makeup is actually really easy, the hardest part for me was getting the contacts in because I don't normally wear contacts lol.

What do you think? What would you do different? 

Halloween Humor

Happy Halloween!!!!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  What is everyone being?  What are your little ones being (if you have little ones)?  

Baby shower diaper cake

My first diaper cake.
I feel pretty proud of myself :)
You can buy the head band and tutu at hobby lobby in a kit, so I didn't really come up with this creation on my own, I just followed the instructions lol.
But still.  Go me! Haha.
BUT, now I know the basics to make one for next time :D

Monday, October 28, 2013


I decided to do something a little different. Rather than the same old towel rod, I hung up these decorative knob hooks. I found them at Hobby Lobby (love that place!)

Trick or treat footprint craft

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a cute Halloween craft :) Eli is so ticklish, it was hard to paint his feet lol.

Going out hair

We went to Vegas in May and it was hot.  I was trying to find a way to keep my hair off my neck but still look dressed up.  This was a pretty easy solution.
I just curled my hair using my flat iron, then pinned it all to one side.  Simple :)

Sturgis photo

I like to include some of my photography that I am proud of, even if it doesn't always relate to my usual blog posts.

We went to Sturgis this year for the biker rally and stayed at the Buffalo Chip.  They had this really neat memorial set up, there were hundreds of flags with this in the middle of it.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mom Problems Daily Humor

This was my entire weekend.
My entire week.

Time for a vacation?  I think so.  Lol.


This room is a work in progress.
It's usually the last room I worry about when we move, besides the guest room.
I plan on working on this room tomorrow, I'll make sure to post some updated pics once it's all done :)
The walls are a mint color.  I didn't paint it myself, all the rooms in the house came already painted, and I love it!  But, before we moved our bedroom was black and hot pink.  That doesn't really go well with mint walls lol.
I figured it was time to get away from the hot pink anyway, so I have passed that awesome stuff down to my daughter who wants her room zebra and hot pink.  Perfect!
So I am doing black, gray and mint/light blue.  So far what I have found I'm pretty happy with :)
I love love this bedding!  I found it at!
My bed frame is from Slumberland.

Hair idea

This was only about a month ago.
Then I got all wild and decided to go alllllll bright red.  
Now I am missin this hair of course lol.

My bangs are cut into a side swept look and I have blended layers cut throughout my hair, shortest layer reaches the middle of my ear.


Day casual for my son's soccer game.
Evening casual for dinner with my hubby.
I like it casual lol.
Dress, jeans, shoes, top all from Vanity. 
Cannot remember where sandals are from.
Short sleeve sweater is either from Maurice's or Vanity?

Canned food Organization

I'm kind of a food hoarder.  
If I'm shopping for ingredients for a meal, I will usually buy double so that I will have some extra on hand for next time I want to make that meal.  It's a great idea as long as you buy the ingredients that don't expire right away, but it also fills up the pantry fast!

I found this solution on, you can purchase it here:

What do you do to keep your pantry organized?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cute little nerd

Babies in bow ties are adorable.  No question. 
I was surprised my little man actually kept the glasses on his face for more than 2 seconds lol.
I got this outfit at Target.
Would make for a cute Halloween costume, or just for everyday wear :)

Baby feet

I'm a little in love with my little man's chunky baby feet!
I know, it's a funny thing to love about a baby lol, I think feet are disgusting normally, but baby feet are adorable!
Maybe it's that they don't stink and sweat yet haha!
Baby shoes.  Baby feet.  LOVE.

 Converse high tops, do they get any cuter than this?

 This photo made me feel talented lol.  The light was coming in pretty awesome :)

I love the little details in baby clothes.  Little skulls and green thread, soooo cute!!

Rolled up jeans and skull top :)

Please pay no attention to the messy room.  Or the crappy mirror selfie haha.  Just notice that dang cute outfit!  I got the top on sale at Deb, and the jeans at Vanity.  The belt I picked up from a vendor at the Sturgis Biker Rally.  I think the heels are from  

Daily Humor

Are you ready?

My hair

I love this look.  Having the blonde underneath makes it so easy to manage and don't have to worry about embarrassing dark roots.  And when I do my hair curly it makes it more noticeable than when it's just straight.

Zebra slippers

I love slippers.  We have wood floors so I always have some on in my house.  Scored these at Gordman's, they are my favorite yet!  You can't really tell in the pic, but they also have sequins all over them so they sparkle :)  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hi-low dress selfie

Hi-low dresses are so my favorite lately!  I think what I love most is that they can be dressed up or down.  And I am also loving chevron print anything these days, so this dress caught my eye as soon as I saw it lol.  I picked it up along with the sandals at Sturgis Biker Rally this year!

Monthly photos collage

It's done!
Monthly photos for a year, and here is the result.
It is rather bittersweet.
I look at these and it blows my mind how fast the year went.
He changed into a little man so quick!
I really love this.  I can't wait to get it printed on framed on the wall :)

I Love You

 I Love this poem so so much.  It is so true.  Love all 3 of my wilds :)
I do not know who wrote the poem, so I don't know who I owe that credit?
I also have no idea where I found it, one of those random posts you see on Facebook!
But I didn't write it, just enjoyed it and it touched my heart so I am passing it on :)

Hand print fish

This was our attempt at hand print fish.  Eli was not even a year yet so getting him to allow his hand to go flat was tough!  And I got some of his arm in the paint lol, so I guess those are eels?  Haha.  Daddy still appreciated it of course :)  I think I want to try this one again when he's a little older and do different colors or something, maybe to look like angel fish?

New shoes!

Ok.  I love shoes.  So, naturally, my kids all own way too many lol.  Eli got these for his birthday from his godfather :)  Aren't they adorable!!

Halloween decor outside

I have had a heck of a time with the headstones blowing around, they are just that cheap styrofoam from the store and the stakes do not keep them in the ground very well! I wanted to make my front yard a grave yard but that'll have to wait until next year. I think I'll just make some from wood myself, I'll let you know how that goes ;)
This guy worked out pretty good in the planter I think. The flowers were all dead so now at least there's something in it!
The kids and I still need to carve the pumpkins so for now they are bare. I made the wreath myself :) the bats are just something I found in the craft section but decided to use them to decorate instead :) 

Next year I'll go all out! I've already got lots of ideas :D

Skulls Bar DIY

I have this old bar that we actually found in a house we rented, it had been left behind because I guess the guy moved out in a hurry and left all the big heavy things in the basement.  It is clearly hand made, it did have a faux marble top and a big fluffy arm rest along the front.  I removed that.  I found the skulls wallpaper on amazon, you can find it here:  You're welcome :)

It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.  I had never done anything using wallpaper before and wasn't sure what to expect!  I still need to do something with the top of it, not sure if I just want to paint the top black or use more of the wallpaper or find a giant skull or cool saying for the top? Please, pay no attention to the clutter on top, it's all the stuff from the shelves inside, because I wall papered the shelves too.  And yes, I know the rug doesn't match lol.  Pay no attention to that as well haha.  

So what do you think?

Hair Bow

Just a hair bow idea that I tried on myself :)

My hair was still kind of damp, would have worked way better with dry hair!

Just some exercise humor :)

This is totally me almost every time I work out!  Haha!!  Anyone else feel this way?  ;)

My Living room

Not the most clear photo, I know and I do apologize.  It was taken with my phone and I am no professional photographer ;)
But, just wanted to show how the house is coming along!  I will take better pics when it is more of a finished product.  We got new couches, all the seats recline!  I may get a new rug but for now it works :)
Right now I have a toy box with all of Eli's toys in between the two couches, since reclining couches need more room and can't be up against the wall, I was left with a lot of space in the corner between the two lol.  I am not liking how it is working out though, because Eli unplugs the couch when he goes into the corner so I think once I take down the cobwebs that are currently covering the shelf and frames on the wall, I will move the shelf over so that it blocks that little area.  Any ideas?

My Big One Year Old!

So here is the result of my little mini photo session I did of my little man!

 I found these letters on, you can find them here:

And I just dressed him up cute, sat him on a chair and handed him each letter and snapped away!  I used to edit the pics and make the collage :)  I love love how it turned out!!  What do you all think?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Home Sweet Home~

We moved in a little over a month ago!  We loooooove it!!  And best part, it's ours!!  No more renting yay!!!!  It's a lot more space than we are used to, but we're already filling it up lol.  I'm having such a hard time deciding how I want to decorate everything!  Stairway?  Garage organization?  Entryway?  Fireplace mantel?  That is all new to me!  I'm just glad the walls didn't come white, they are all painted in a nice neutral blues and greens and I love it!  

How do you have a fun and attractive rec room while also having exercise equipment in there?  I was thinking of making a screen to kind of separate it from the rest of the big area, what do you think?  
 The only thing this house is missing is a fence!  We'll take care of that next summer for sure!  But luckily, the garage has a big kennel off of it so the dogs still have their own area :)
 This is the master bath and our BIG closet!  The bedroom is really spacious, I thought our bed was huge but it looks so small in the bedroom now lol!!
 This is the other view of the big rec room in the basement.  The first door on the left is the laundry room, 2nd is bathroom and other two straight ahead are the kids' bedrooms.  Then to the right we currently have our turtle tank and the bar!
 I LOVE this fireplace area!  Too bad the basement was supposed to be the man cave, this area just deserves to be decorated all pretty!!  Right now it is completely bare except a scentsy warmer and a mirror above the fireplace with football teams on it lol.  I'm working on this area very soon!!
 Our entryway, I love the wood flooring in this area, so pretty!  I want to do the rest of the house in it one day!!
 This is the garage.  It is cram packed at the moment and I am overwhelmed with it, I don't know what to do with it all!  I work on it here and there, but I really need to just dedicate one full day and get it done before it drives me crazy!!
 Little concrete area off the garage in the back yard.  I think it would be a great place to put a hot tub!
 My husband is pretty excited to have a garage finally!  Now he can work on his race car and snowmobiles and whatever else his little heart desires all winter long!
 I love that the house comes with a few chalk boards on the cabinets and wall, so fun!  I was thinking of doing stone underneath the island, I think it would look good and also protect it from scuffs from little feet kicking under there!
 This basement room is seriously big.  Right now we have our big TV mounted onto the wall in between the windows, the workout equipment is on the left of that and then also on the left is our bar area.  Lots of things to put into one space, good thing it's big!  I was hoping to have a space for crafting but the dining table will just have to be that designated area and then I'll just have to store the craft supplies in the guest room which is also our "office" which means we just have a desk in there lol.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween decorations are up!

Well, most of it lol.  I still have spider webs to put up and the outside is not decorated yet.

I just received my console table for the entry way and put it together yesterday and I love it!  It's so fun to finally have areas to decorate for each holiday!  You can get it here: :)

My wall in the dining area is still very bare, I might hang a big spider web there.  But for now I am pretty happy with how this looks!

I have never had a staircase I could decorate, it is so much fun!  Maybe now I'll have a Halloween party!  We used to have one every year and it's been a few years since we have, now we have plenty of room!  Too bad we don't know very many people here though.