My fam damily

My fam damily

Thursday, March 1, 2012

16 weeks :)

Here is the newest bump picture!  Still pretty small but it's getting there :)

I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday.  Bo had to work so my sister went with me.  It was a pretty quick appointment, just asked me a few questions and then listened to the baby's heartbeat.  I've only gained 8 lbs so far which is good, I'm not gaining weight too fast or too slow.  March 28th we get to do our ultrasound and hopefully find out if it's a boy or girl!!!  I can't wait!!!

My best friend Delina and I started discussing baby shower ideas.  I never had a baby shower with my other 2 so I'm excited!  We are planning to do it in June.  It's gonna be great!  We have some cute ideas :)   

So I haven't had any crazy cravings.  I've been a lot more picky than I normally am, but that is getting better now that my nausea is gone.  I don't like the texture of chicken though.  But I do eat a lot of bagels and drink a lot of milk lol.