My fam damily

My fam damily

Monday, April 22, 2013

Eli's Rock Star Nursery :)

It took me MONTHS to finally decide how I wanted to do Eli's room.  I looked everywhere for ideas and finally just started looking on etsy for bedding and that's when I decided on this theme :)  My sister and I painted the walls a light blue on 2 walls and a light gray on the other 2, which the combo turned out so great!  I actually need to update some of these pics so you can see the entire finished product now that we have a glider and rug down in there.

I found this cute ruler on!  You can find it here:  
This bedding was custom made and I love love love it!!  I think finding bedding that I liked was the hardest part, we knew we wanted something skull print and do a rock star type nursery but we didn't want it to be scary either.  I think this fits the theme perfectly and it's perfect for a baby boy's room :)  You can check out the seller and all her wonderful items here:

It took me FOREVER to find something to put above Eli's crib and finding something that both Bo and I agreed on!  I found this and searched everywhere for the best price and finally found it on ebay!

My husband's cousin made us this adorable frame!  It now has a picture in it, I really need to update these pics lol :)
I love etsy!  That is where I found a lot of great stuff for Eli :)  Love this Boppy cover, check out the seller and all her wonderful custom made items here:
Eli loves the soft minky material on his blanket and I just love the overall look and quality of the bedding!  The crib has  held up well for us, even with my older 2 being silly and climbing in it lol.  I found the crib on, their prices were the most reasonable I could find but the shipping did take a really long time, I had to contact them a few times about it.  They did respond quickly, I think the crib was actually backordered and it just didn't state that on the website.  Here is the link to their site:

Another look at Eli's adorable bedding :)

My friend Samantha made this for us!!  I love it!  We have it hanging below the window right by the glider :)  I will post some newer pics soon I promise!

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