My fam damily

My fam damily

Friday, November 1, 2013

E-A-T Wooden Letters DIY

I found these HUGE letters at Hobby Lobby.  
I've wanted to make these for soooo long and have a kitchen where I could use them.
So here is what you need:

Wooden letters
2 different colors of paint.  
Candles just the clear white kind

It was actually really easy.  Just paint the letters with your base color.  I chose a light blue.
Wait for it to dry.
Once dry, rub the letters with the candle.  I used the long skinny kind.  This just helps protect the base paint so when you start sanding it doesn't rub away that color too.
Then paint your top color.  Let dry.
Once dry, start sanding.  This is to however your liking for that aged/worn look.  I think I went a little sanding happy and over did it a little lol.  You can do just the edges or an all over like I did.  That part is all up to you!

Fun and easy!  Now I need to come up with more words to do he he!

What do you think?

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